Jesus is my one true love!

I love Him with all my mind, body and soul!! He lifts me up when I’m feeling down. He is my number One Provider. I only depend on Him for everything and anything. His presence brings me Joy, Peace, and Patience. His love for me teaches me how to love others even more! His forgiveness teaches me how to forgive. His wounds heal all my disease and my heartbreaks. He is with me wherever I go! He keeps His promises. He loves me regardless where I’ve been and where I’ve done. He knows me far more than I know myself. He is guiding me Home! He sacrificed Himself to have a relationship with me, to be with me. There is no greater love than His! He is preparing me for something great, greater than I can imagine! He is using me to show others He loves them too! He is my hope in this life. He is my everything!! Through His mercy, love and grace He saved me from the world. My life before Christ was full of pain, heartaches, betrayals, depression, suicide, and hopelessness. Jesus has given me a new pair of eyes, all I see is Him and beauty in all His creations! Through the trials in this life, I will praise, worship, and pray to Him because I have faith that God is using those trials to bring glory to His Holy name! He is going to come back for me. I’m getting ready to be with my Lord and Savior for eternity!